Thank you from your winner – Jamie!

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Hi everyone,

It’s great to have an opportunity to reflect on such a valuable experience, creating my profile and answering the early questions, comparing what I’d got with my very worthy competitors. I think you could tell from my intro video I wasn’t going to do this half-heartedly!  Thanks to my sons for being cute!

To the mods, thank you for the comms and smooth running, you made it too interesting for me to not engage fully!

A fab fortnight of chats and daily questions… sweaty palms and pulse racing throughout chats became addictive- I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my days to fill the gap, but the students have recommended Fortnite, Frank Turner and multiple Netflix series so thanks for the tips guys!

The chats were so easy and the atmosphere was always respectful and enthusiastic- I thought to myself that this was the true reward of the project, whether winning in the end or not. The comments and gratitude from students within chats left a cosy warm feeling all day long! (I think you’re cooool and legends too!)

I answered 66 questions and logged on for 12 chats, more than planned but the more I put into this, the more I got back. Your questions deserved straightforward and respectful answers, with hopefully some wit and genuine truths about what brought me to the very fortunate career I enjoy.  Some questions submitted late in the 2nd week got shorter answers, replying in the minutes between chats; I wanted to ensure I gave everyone a genuine reply to questions they took the time and effort to ask.

As I said in my last status before the Big Vote, I hope that my efforts have shown you that GPs are interested in you as people and put you as the focus of their time and attention. I get a lot out of practising this way.

Matching the level of knowledge required with compassion: that’s what General Practice is about (Cum Scientia Caritas).

The Prize Money?

I’ve managed to make the connection with what matters to school students and within the project, and that’s what’s coming next: ‘Make the Connection’.

From Belper to Bolsover, Lincoln to Landau Forte, Da Vinci to Vision West Notts, Scunthorpe to Skegness, Meden to Kesteven: your questions, your enthusiasm, talent and time have meant a lot. Thank you. I really appreciate you making me your Winner.


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