• Question: Have you always in been interested in Health and Social Care?

    Asked by Casie1608 to Adil, Amanda, Gail, Jamie, Jo & Lucy, Nicola, Philly, Tuxford on 12 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Jamie Hynes

      Jamie Hynes answered on 12 Mar 2018:

      I can’t say health was always an interest I only looked at the idea of Medicine when it came to filling out the university applications in sixth form… it just seemed like a really fascinating way to spend my career!
      Social care was always fairly prominent as both of my parents are social workers so seeing them as role models and being in an environment where compassion for others was a regular occurrence meant that a career in health and social care wasn’t a surprise, although I didn’t have the typical background most medical students will have.

    • Photo: Philippa Horner

      Philippa Horner answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      Honestly yes. Medicine has always been on my radar and once I was 15 and started doing work experience, I was certain!

    • Photo: Gail Allsopp

      Gail Allsopp answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      Early on I wanted to be a nurse and joined the St John Ambulance brigade. Life and work has grown and grown since then. I’ve worked outside of healthcare but I missed it. It is such a privilege to care, cute and help people. I couldn’t do anything else now!!