• Question: How long did it take you to become apart of the Health and Social care job system?

    Asked by Casie1608 to Adil, Amanda, Gail, Jamie, Jo & Lucy, Nicola, Philly, Tuxford on 12 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Jamie Hynes

      Jamie Hynes answered on 12 Mar 2018:

      I’m still learning even 11 years after qualifying as a GP!
      I went to medical school for five years and after that there was a year in hospital before deciding on GP training which took another three years.
      It’s arguable that we’re part of the healthcare and social care system right from the start of medical school.
      Everyone can make a therapeutic difference to patients lives

    • Photo: Philippa Horner

      Philippa Horner answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      Interesting question Cassie! So soon as you start medical school, you are training to save lives and meeting patients so, arguably, that’s when it starts. In the UK, after graduating medical school, you start a 2 year foundation programme and you are working as a doctor. After this, your specialty training can take anywhere from 3 more years, to become a GP, to over 10 years, to become a hospital consultant.

    • Photo: Gail Allsopp

      Gail Allsopp answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      A long time! 5 years medical school, 1 year post graduate, 3 years junior doctor, 3 years senior doctor, 3 years GP training and I’m still learning!