• Question: What did you study at college and uni to get to the career you're in today?

    Asked by Chlo to Adil, Amanda, Gail, Jamie, Jo & Lucy, Nicola, Philly, Tuxford on 5 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Nicola Hickman

      Nicola Hickman answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      I did A levels in English Language, History and Psychology and then went to university to study Business Property Management. I chose this because it was something I was interested in but I still wasn’t sure at that stage what career path I would ultimately go down.
      The route to where I am today has been a combination of jobs I’ve loved, which helped me know what I definitely wanted from a career, and jobs which I didn’t love quite so much….and so that helped me rule some things out!

    • Photo: Philippa Horner

      Philippa Horner answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      I studied Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Spanish at A Level and then went straight to medical school and studied undergraduate medicine for 5 years 🙂

    • Photo: Jamie Hynes

      Jamie Hynes answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      My sixth form was at the school I’d attended, where I did my A Levels in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.
      After that it was on to University of Birmingham for medical school like Phillippa and Gail!
      After qualification I did my initial hospital jobs before choosing to train as a GP- a 3 year training course with different jobs (I did elderly care, maternity, childrens ward, the psychiatric ward and a hospice) before time in a practice training to be a GP.
      I loved it so much I stayed at the practice I trained at, as have many of my own previous trainees!

    • Photo: Gail Allsopp

      Gail Allsopp answered on 5 Mar 2018:

      I did my 8 GCSE’s and then A level math, biology and chemistry with
      Physics at GCSE. Medicine at University for 5 years, then I trained to be a surgeon, then a radiologist (x-ray Doctor), then I had a change in career and went to drama school to study professional acting (and worked in TV, radio and theatre). 10 years ago I returned to train as a GP.
      So many options, and these days there are post graduate medical courses so you could do any A-levels followed by a degree in a subject that interests you before going on to study medicine and doing a shorter 4 year course.
      I’m still studying, even now, and am currently doing a masters degree in leadership! The learning never ends.

    • Photo: Adil Rashid

      Adil Rashid answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      I did Maths, Biology and Chemistry A Levels and I’m currently studying to become a doctor at Nottingham University. When applying to Medical School, most university require students to do A Level Chemistry and AS Biology although it’s a good idea to check the admissions criteria for individual universities.

    • Photo: Jo & Lucy Arthurs / Clayton

      Jo & Lucy Arthurs / Clayton answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      I did A levels in Chemistry, Biology, English Literature and Maths and then went on to study medicine at university for 5 years.

      I would say all 4 subjects were helpful for my degree in medicine. It is worth looking at the medical school admissions criteria as some of them are quite specific in terms of what they would like you do have A levels in.

    • Photo: Catherine Harrison

      Catherine Harrison answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      I did A-levels in biology, chemistry, physics, maths and general studies. I went to Leicester University to study medicine.

    • Photo: Amanda Henchliffe

      Amanda Henchliffe answered on 9 Mar 2018:

      After school I did a pre nursing course- this along with my 5 O levels allowed entry onto the RGN training as it was called.

      I was accepted at Derby School of Nursing aged18