• Question: What's your favourite part of your job?

    Asked by mollyl to Adil, Amanda, Gail, Jamie, Jo & Lucy, Nicola, Philly, Tuxford on 12 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Jamie Hynes

      Jamie Hynes answered on 12 Mar 2018:

      Right now I’d have to say the doing the chats and answering these questions is my favourite part of the job! I really enjoyed the questions people are asking me both in this section and within the chats; it helps me to figure out what’s important to young people and to patients as well as being a new way of looking at things.
      Talking to patients helps me learn so much about life. If my role as a GP helps to make their quality of life that little bit better then it is time well spent.

    • Photo: Catherine Harrison

      Catherine Harrison answered on 12 Mar 2018:

      Talking to patients and finding out what makes people tick. Getting a diagnosis right and helping someone to get better is really rewarding. Reassuring people who are very anxious is also nice. It’s lovely when patients say ‘Thank you doctor! I feel loads better’!

    • Photo: Philippa Horner

      Philippa Horner answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      There are so many things! One huge thing is meeting such a vast range of people – patients and colleagues – and being privileged enough to be truly let into patients lives in order to (hopefully) get them better. The challenge of reaching a diagnosis is also greatly rewarding. Finally, away from direct clinical work, teaching is a huge passion of mine, and involvement with school or university students, teaching health education and promoting medicine as a career is so much fun!

    • Photo: Gail Allsopp

      Gail Allsopp answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      All of it! I teach and today for example am off to Ireland. That’s a real treat. But working with patients who need you is so rewarding. Especially with those who have no one else.